High-Tech Entrepreneurship & Digital Economy Innovation

100% online

18 weeks

Program Overview

This program focuses on exponential technology innovation such as AI, Blockchain, Fintech, and Digital
Finance and the implications of these disruptive new digital economy technologies on the future of business and
society. All of these digital economy innovations are rapidly maturing and combining synergistically in 2020,
creating a perfect storm that represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to ride the next impending
wave of disruptive innovation in the digital economy.
Our program will provide you with key tools to thrive in the new era of digital society.

Competence in understanding the impact of digital economy
technologies and the associated business model innovation
across different industries.
• Practical hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and business development skills to create business plans that can achieve funding, scale, and success combining the technologies and business model innovation concepts discussed in class.
• Ability to leverage the Fintech and Digital Finance innovation (e.g. cryptocurrencies, digital assets, asset-backed securitisation, tokenisation, digital finance) to drive the digital economies of the future.

Business professionals or entrepreneurs, who work and seek to improve their agile and disruptive leadership capabilities within their organization.
• Middle level or senior managers, who want to interact with other professionals and develop their ability to lead and transform teams to meet business objectives.
• Aspiring leaders who want to develop their confidence and
demonstrate that they are qualified to lead an organization in today’s world.


Dr. Michael Sung

Founder Fundan Funhai
Fintech Research Center

Dr. Lahcen Haddad

Former Minister of Tourism

Sandeep Gupta

Neuroleadership and Mindfulness

Lisa Clancy

Board Member Paralympics


• Diploma, “High-Tech Entrepreneurship & Digital Economy Innovation”
(Ubbiquo Global Business School®)

• Diploma, “Neuro-leadership essentials”
(Ubbiquo Global Business School®)

• Diploma, “Systematic Leadership”
(Ubbiquo Global Business School®)

• Certificate, “Project Management Simulator”
(Registered Education Provider CESIM®)