Dr. Thomas Druyen

Head of Institute for Future Psychology & Future Management - Austria

Professor Thomas Druyen is considered one of the most renowned wealth researchers in Europe.

He is leading the Institute for Future Psychology and Future Management at Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna with the focus on the psychological impact of digitalization and artificial intelligence on people’s lives, societies and wealth. He conducted interviews with distinguished and wealthy persolanities all over the globe and published expetional studies, publications, and books.

His work has led to his appointment to numerous supervisory and advisory boards of wealthy and outstanding organizations.

Dr. Druyen sereved as vice president of the International Club of Budapest, board member of the Swiss Peter Ustinov Foundation or communications director of the Helmut Horten Foundation. In addition, Dr. Druyen advised several government organizations and private agencies in the field of wealth architecture, succession, mediation and philonthrophy.