Dr. Daniele Botaro

Scientist, Specialist in Diversity & Inclusion Latin America

She started her career at the Oracle in 2018 assuming the area of Diversity and Inclusion for the entire Latin American region, standing out for leading diversity, inclusion and belonging strategies and programs in five pillars: Women, Race and Ethnicity, LGBTQ +, Generations and Disabled people. Before joining Oracle, she holds a PhD in Science from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and in 2011 she started her studies on the representation of women in the field of science.

In 2014, she took the first step towards her diversity and inclusion career by becoming a partner of ImpulsoBeta, a consultancy firm focused on D&I strategy.

In 3 years, she helped more than 30 companies from different industries to develop and implement inclusion initiatives to boost their business objectives.

Dr. Botaro has lectured around Latin America, Her areas of expertise include diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, microinequities, inclusive leadership, belonging, gender equality and women empowerment, female leadership, inclusive language and inspirational leadership.